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Fact Sheet: Papua New Guinea






Independent State of Papua New Guinea


Port Moresby 


462,840 sq. km km2 (178,703 sq. mi). (It is the World's second-largest Island after Greenland).


9.3 million (Estimated 2021)


English; Tok Pisin(Pidgin) and Hiri Motu are Official languages. 

Independence Day

16 September 1975

Political Structure

Papua New Guinea(PNG) is a constitutional democracy with Unicameral Parliament of 118 members elected for period of 5 years. King Charles-III is Head of State represented by Gov-General Sir Bob Dadae, elected directly by MP through secret ballot. Each of country's 22 provinces has its own unelected Govt, which may levy taxes to supplement grants received from national govt. 11th General Elections were held in July 2022.

PNG has three levels of government - national, provincial and local. National Parliament is a 118 member unicameral legislature elected for 5-year terms by universal suffrage. Prime Minister is appointed & dismissed by Gov-Gen on the proposal of Parliament. The Cabinet – known as National Executive Council or NEC-is appointed by Gov-Gen on the recommendation of PM. Supreme Court, National Court, and local and village courts form an independent justice system.

Governor General

H.E. Sir Bob Dadae

Head of Govt (PM)

Hon. James Marape 

Foreign Minister

Hon. James Marape



PNG is a country with rich natural resources. It has estimated recoverable reserves of about 1.96 tons of gold reserves, over 180 million barrels of oil and 5 TCF of natural gas.  It is rich in forest and marine resources.  Its 2/3rd export earnings come from gold, silver, copper, nickel, crude oil.  PNG’s major imports are machinery & equipment, manufactured goods, food, chemicals. While its mining and oil sectors are dominated by Australia, USA, UK, its other major trading partners are Japan, Germany, Singapore, China, NZ, Korea and Malaysia.  Trade with Australia constitutes 35% of total trade. China has become a major player with large investment in nickel and cobalt mines. In 2022-23 Australia will provide AUD$ 479.2 million annual Official Development Assistance (ODA) to PNG. Other donors are Japan, EU, China, NZ

Currency Exchange rate with US$ & INR                          

1PNG Kina = 23 Indian Rupees

1PNG Kina = 0.28 US$

GDP at market price 

31.36 Billion USD (2022) 

GDP per capita 

USD 6,120 (2022)

GDP Growth Rate 

4.6 % (2022) 




Trade surplus of USD 6.8 billion

USD 4.20 Billion 

USD 11.00 Billion

PNG imports from Australia, China, Singapore Malaysia Indonesia. Top import products are refined petroleum, excavation machinery, crude petroleum, other edible preparations, and delivery trucks.

PNG exports to China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Australia. PNG’s main export products are petroleum gas, gold, copper ore, rough wood, crude petroleum.

Bilateral Trade 

India’s Export to PNG: US$ 85.84 million (2022-23)

India’s Import from PNG: US$ 643.36 million(2022-23)

Total Trade: US$ 729.20 million (2022-2023)

Items imported by India from Papua New Guinea: Nickel, Copper, Pearls, copper ores, wood & its articles, cocoa, semi-precious stones.

Items exported from India: Textile, Merchandise, Cereals, pharmaceuticals, Iron & steel articles, Plastic, Foot-ware, machinery & mechanical appliances, chemical products.

Problems faced by the country:  

PNG sits on ‘Pacific Ring of Fire’ a line of seismic faults encircling Pacific that has frequent earthquakes & volcanic eruptions. On 27 Feb 2018, there was 7.5 magnitude earthquake in 3 highland provinces of PNG affecting 544,000 people in 5 provinces which caused considerable devastation, loss of lives and people were displaced). A volcanic eruption in Mount Ulawun, West New Britain took place on 26 June 2019 rendering thousands evacuated to care centres. A magnitude 7.6 quake struck a remote area in Sept 2022 killing 21 people. On 3rd April 2023, PNG’s East Sepik province hit by 7.1 magnitude earthquake leaving four dead.

Politics in PNG is volatile. PNG faces serious law & order issues emanating from its tribal heritage; issues hampering business activities due to poor infrastructure and road connectivity.  

PNG, although a resource-rich nation, about 40% of its people live in poverty. Covid-19 pandemic revealed recurring issues with delay on the part of government, poor economic management, and a health care system that is overwhelmed and underfunded. PNG was already battling measles, drug-resistant TB, and polio outbreaks with low vaccination rates before Covid-19 began to spread. Furthermore, a culture of impunity is fostered by the poor enforcement of laws against violence against women and children.

Name of major tourist spots: 

Kokoda Track, Port Moresby Nature Park, Sepik River, Massim Museum, Mt Tavurvur, Mt Wilhelm, Kimbe Bay, Port of Alotau , National Museum and Art Gallery; Parliament Haus; Volcanology Observatory; Muschu Island; Port Moresby Nature Park; Lae War Cemetery;


Mahatma Gandhi’s bust is situated in University of PNG in Port Moresby.  

More than 1200 Indians died during the 2nd World War in PNG. [Bita Paka War Cemetery (600km from Port Moresby) is a Monument in this regard including unknown Indian soldiers.)

Indian diaspora: 

4,000 approx. Mostly businessman, officials working in departs, Professionals, IT, IT-enabled services Engineers, Doctors, Nurses Professors, education, technical personnel for mining, hydrocarbons, etc. Out of total Indian population in PNG, about 90% are NRIs. Indians are respected in PNG due to their professionalism viz., teachers and Doctors. One of the PIOs (Mr. Sasindran Muthuvel) is an MP and Governor of West New Britain Province. (He is also recipient of Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Award).

Indian Organizations





Govt Orgs




(ii) KEC International is involved in rural electrification, financed by JICA

(iii) City Pharma Ltd(CPL) is a large business group, owned by Indo-Fijian.

(iv) Badili Hardware.

(v) Supreme Industries Ltd is a Wholesale & Distribution company